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Black and White Still Films

You have Black and White print film which includes the following types:

bullet Verichrome or Verichrome Pan
bullet Panchromatic
bullet Ansco All Weather
bullet Made in Belgium
bullet Panatomic X
bullet Tech Pan
bullet Konica pan and Konica Infrared
bullet Kodak Hi Speed Infrared (handle in total darkness)
bullet Kodak Super XX, Tri X, Tri X Pan, Plus X, Plus X Pan
bullet Ilford and Ilford extended range
bullet Velox
bullet ORWOpan NP21
bullet Black and White films for slides


These films processes vary widely and require special care and handling.  The film is processed as black and white and prints are made from any images. 

Expected Results

From the older films we do not guarantee that we can get pictures, but usually about 90% of the films we process do have pictures.  Some films are faded because of dye deterioration.  Your film will always returned even if we are unable to obtain images.  Because the film is old we cannot guarantee results and no refund is available regardless of the results.

Cost / Price

Print Film:  Cost for development, CD, and prints is US$36.50 per roll with return shipping and handling $6.00 per order (not per roll). Therefore, one roll is $42.50, two rolls is $79.00, three rolls $115.50, etc. Free shipping on orders of more than ten rolls. International return, please add US$3 for shipping. 

Slide Film:  Please email for details.


Service Time

This film is processed on a volume basis, so turn around time varies.  Please allow between one and twelve  months for return.


Please send your film, check, and your name and address in a padded mailer to:

11821 E 33rd Ave Ste A
Aurora, CO 80010

If you desire proof of delivery, please send your film via Certified U.S. Mail Return Receipt Requested.

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