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C-22 Old Film Developing 

We can process your C22 (C-22) film which includes the following types:

bullet Kodak Kodacolor, Kodacolor-X or (Click here for  Kodacolor II)
bullet Triple Print
bullet Triple Print G25
bullet Fotomat
bullet AnscoColor
bullet Color Print 64
bullet Focal Color Print
bullet Famous Brands
bullet GAF Color Print
bullet Mark IV, Mark V or Mark VI
bullet Process 22
bullet ASA 80 (Minox)
bullet Made in Belgium
bullet Color Negative
bullet More types listed below.


This is an old process (pre 1977) and requires special care and handling.  The film is processed as color negative; prints and CD (digital .jpg scans) are made from any images. 

Expected Results

Because the film is old we do not guarantee that we can get pictures, but usually about 80% of the films we process have good pictures.  Some films are faded because of color dye deterioration.  Your film will always returned even if we are unable to obtain images.  Because the film is old we cannot guarantee results and no refund is available regardless of the results.

Cost / Price

Cost for development, CD, and prints is US$36.50 per roll with return shipping and handling $6.00 per order (not per roll).  Therefore, one roll is $42.50, two rolls is $79.00, three rolls is $115.50, etc.  Free shipping on orders of more than ten rolls.  International return, please add US$3 for shipping. 

Service Time

This film is processed on a volume basis, so turn around time varies.  Please allow between six and twelve months for return to you.


Please send your film, check, and your name and address in a padded mailer to:

11821 E 33rd Ave Ste A
Aurora, CO 80010

If you desire proof of delivery, please send your film via Certified U.S. Mail Return Receipt Requested.

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Please note

Because of the age and nature of these films and processes, we do not offer any guarantee.  No refund is available regardless of results.  Service times subject to change depending on volume, machine, and material availability.  Our guarantee to you is that we will do our very best to obtain your memories and the best possible image from your film.

Additional types of C-22 films we can process include:  Ansco Color, Brilliant film, FK Color, Furicolor, Inter Color, Karanzcolor N21 or N19, 3M Color Print, Negra Color, Oga Color, Prinz Color, Revue, Sakuara, Sears Color, Tura Color, CN15, Cornet, Valcolor, Twin Pix, Global CN100, Shell, Ferrania Color Film, @M NM64, Titan, Pal-color, Extra Spool, Made in Belgium by Gevaert, Milyerson, Nat'l. Hdqrs. Box 7529 Phil.,Pa., Process 22, Paragon, Thrifty Color Neg, Porst Color, Teta Color, Ring Foto, Citcolor, Revue Colour 2000, Trifca MK VI, FCA, Fotop Colour, Color MN19, Directacolor, Picture Pac Color Picture, Montgomery Ward Color Print ASA80, Hanimex Vistacolor ASA100, 22, Ektacolor Type S, Boots Color Print.

This type of film, along with Verichrome, is the type most frequently found in old Kodak Brownie cameras.